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Secret Service - Flash In The Night

Алексей Бегер Алексей Бегер · 6 роликов
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За ролик пока что никто не голосовал...

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Expand this for the Lyrics. © Secret Service :)
I thought this video really deserves more presence here... I really do identify this amazing song with Stockholm (where the video was shot), there is something in this video which manages to truly capture the city's unique atmosphere. I can tell well, I come from the other side of Europe, I visit frequently but I recall well how it hit me the first time, magical!!
Well a special hello to all of you from Sweden & Poland, thank you for visiting :)
As a break of dawn came closer
AII my hopes seemed so forlorn.
The misty signs of laughter
And the light eluded all.
My despair was caught in motion
A face just barely true -
Shadows in blue.
A flash in the night . . .
In the changing of the season
Releasing one lost name.
The scar once healed forever
Dissolving in the rain.
A twig snapped in the clearing
A glimpse of golden skin
My face within
My despair was caught in motion.
A face just barely true -
Shadows in blue.
A flash in the night . . .
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